[GAME] Harmony



forestbigTitle: Harmonyxeno

Date: December 2016

Notes: Harmony is a 2D puzzle platformer revolving around music. It features the protagonist Xeno, a man who crash lands on an alien planet, and finds a powerful piece of multi-functional technology – the “Harmonic Modulator”. The Harmonic Modulator can use sound waves to fight, hack and harmonize with certain living beings, environments and objects to unlock their secrets.

Story: It would (or will, there’s still a chance it will be made eventually) feature a plot in which Xeno, a stranger in a strange world, goes to seek out the secret truth of this world. This secret would turn out to be that (spoilers!) the entire universe is a hyper-advanced simulation made by “real” humans, to investigate human nature and advancement. At the end, Xeno manages to contact one of the creators of this universe, who programmed in this way of contacting the real world as an easter egg, and he explains all this to Xeno. Xeno will also then be judged based upon how he interacted with the world around him: did he kill living creatures, or did he knock them out? Did he destroy hostile technology, or did he reprogram them to become friendly? All in all, some interesting concepts, but I need to get the scope and the gameplay right.deer

Here are some of the soundtracks I already made for it.



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