Old Games [2012-2016]

This is part of “A Look Back On My Old Games“.

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Title: Cylaic – The Dream Weaver

Date: August 2012 (first demo)

Notes: See “Tales of Thaeron – The Dream Weaver


Title: Bloc Inc

Date: June 2015

Notes: A 2D puzzle platformer featuring a green slime protagonist. The puzzles revolved around blocks with specific functions and the “wiring” that powers some of them. A small side project during development of Cylaic. Not finished, made about 5 levels.

This is the nice theme music I made for it.

Story: I started development on this just as a fun puzzle game, but since I am obsessed with story, I thought it would be nice to have some “nature versus technology” thematics put in there. The levels would become more “natural” as the game progressed, but I never got to that stage. This “nature versus technology” theme would later return in “Harmony”.

deer_squareTitle: Harmony

Date: December 2016

Notes: See “Harmony

Closing words

After looking back on all the games I’ve made, there are several things that I notice. First of all, there’s been an inevitable positive evolution in the quality of my games: as I learned how to code, my games became more complex and less buggy (Cubeland, for example, was an enormous bugfest while games like S.A.D. and Soul Rip were relatively stable). I also started getting better at drawing sprites and adjusting aesthetics, and my ideas (story-wise and gameplay-wise) became more and more original (though still of course taking inspiration).

Looking at the timeline, it also becomes clear that the more complex and the larger the scope of my games became, that I took longer to make them. Do note that almost all games here are ones I’ve published somewhere, so there are definitely loads of incomplete, unpublished and forgotten projects that I left out.

Over the years I’ve managed to “taste” a lot of roles in the game development process, like programmer, artist, sound design (I used to mess around with piano recordings, Mario Paint Composer and currently in FL Studio), 3D Modeling (messing around in Sketchup at Blender, currently in 3Ds Max), Game Designer, … so I’ve had a lot of time to figure out exactly what I want to do as a professional

I’ve been writing stories since I’ve been about seven years old, and have been creating imaginary worlds for as long as I can remember. For me, games are a way of breathing life into worlds and stories that I made in my head, so the rest of the world can enjoy it through the most interactive medium (games).

To me, creating games is not just about creating fun experiences, but about immersing people in my worlds and pulling them out of this sometimes problematic world we live in, and to create lasting memories – to inspire others would be an honour and a dream come true. I remember having the greatest of times as a kid when I played in my own made up world, with my own stories and characters, and wish to share that world with others.

This is why I’m sure I want to create games. Even if I had all the money in the world, nothing would stop me from creating, writing, making and playing – to me, being a game developer is more than a profession… (prepare for cheese) it’s a calling.


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