[GAME] Tales of Thaeron – The Dream Weaver


Title: “Tales of Thaeron – The Dream Weaver” (“Tales of Thaeron” series was formerly called “Cylaic”)

Date: August 2012 (first demo), worked on until + 2016

Notes: Made in Game Maker Studio. My biggest game project to date (February 2017). This game was based off an old 2011 project of mine, simply named “Cylaic”, and has a lot of development history. In its first iteration, the game’s plot was about the return of five ancient dragons who were put to sleep for a thousand years, by the legendary hero Cylas (his descendants are called the “Cylaic”).

In 2015, I grew increasingly discontent with the pretty superficial plot (kill the dragons, save the world, get the girl) and decided to do a massive overhaul in April by changing the plotline to focus on the conflict between Angels and Demons, change the combat style from turn-based, “Final Fantasy”-style combat to “realtime” combat and do some aesthetical changes. To go along with the new plot, I changed the game’s name to “The Dream Weaver”, referring to the antagonist “Midnight” (a Demon who can control dreams). The dragons were completely removed from the plot.

The game has gone through many changes and has quite a lot of enjoyable and varied content. Development is currently indefinitely halted because the scope of the game as simply too big for a single developer, and it would be better to spend the time on other projects.

What did I do?

  • All of it!
  • Game, world and story design
  • Combat system
  • Instrument system (piano & guitar)
  • Level design
  • Pixel art
  • Music & sounds
  • Inventory system
  • Quest design
  • Saving game & settings
  • Puzzle design

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